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JUST GOT PULLED OVER AND GOT A TICKET. NOW WHAT DO I DO? Getting a ticket is stressful. It's even more stressful not knowing what to do next and what your possible penalties could be. Your first thought will probably be, "Do I need an attorney?" Your next question will probably be, "Do I have to go to court? Should I plead Guilty, Not Guilty or No Contest?" These are valid concerns and what you do in court could definitely affect your future.

DO I PLEAD GUILTY, NOT GUILTY OR NO CONTEST? "Guilty", "No Contest" and "Not Guilty" are not the same, and each one could impact you differently. Pleading "Guilty" tells the court you admit to the charges, as filed. "No Contest" tells the court that you do not admit guilt, but you do admit to the facts that are alleged on the complaint or traffic ticket. Sometimes, the court will ask you for a reason why you should not be found guilty. A plea of "Not Guilty" tells the court you are denying the charges and your case will be scheduled for either a pretrial or trial. 

COULD I GO TO JAIL AND HOW MUCH OF A FINE COULD I GET? In Ohio, there are five classes of Misdemeanors.  A First Degree Misdemeanor carries a maximum fine of $1,000 and a maximum jail sentence of 6 (six) months.  A Second Degree Misdemeanor carries a maximum fine of $750 and a maximum jail sentence of ninety (90) days.

A Third Degree Misdemeanor carries a maximum fine of $500 and a maximum jail sentence of sixty (60) days.  A Fourth Degree Misdemeanor carries a maximum fine of $250 and a maximum jail sentence of thirty (30) days.

DON'T ACCEPT A PLEA OFFER until ​you talk to an attorney. Pleading No Contest or Guilty without knowing the potential jail term or fine you could receive is one of the biggest mistakes people make. If you have a question about a criminal case and the potential sentence an offense carries, CALL MARSH & MITTAS at (330) 456-8104/(888)977-4773.